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Tips for a Healthier You

Join a Group.
Loneliness is a major issue as we age especially if we lose a spouse or a job. Depression often ensues. Resolve to get out of the house. Most people really do need people. We are social animals and thrive when we can share our joys and sorrows with others. Choose a group that interests you and participate actively.

Sleep for 7-8 Hours a Night.
Nothing beats a good night's sleep. Be regular about when you retire and when you wake. Your body will thank you.

Get Out of Bed At Dawn.
Seize the day by starting it early. There is something invigorating about mornings. Greet the rising sun with the birds. You may find yourself singing along with them!

Exercise Vigorously for at least 30 Minutes Daily.
Well, all right, take one day off (even God did that.) But be consistent. Set a time in the morning for your exercise program and stick to it. And mix it up. Walk one day, bike the next, skip rope the next, lift weights the next, etc. Embrace 3-4 routines that are fun and that will get your heart rate up to where it needs to be for maximum benefit.

Think Before You Eat!
Remember, to lose one pound of fat you have to decrease your net fuel storage by 3,500 calories! You can do this in only two ways: eat less or burn more.
Take a moment to consider how many calories you are about to put in your mouth before you take the first bite. Believe it or don't, this practice will focus your mind and encourage you to eat less.





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