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"We've worked with people in all stages of health, and we know what works."

—Frank Callahan, RN

Our Services are Private and Personalized

Sessions are conducted in the client's home, with a minimal amount of portable equipment depending upon the identified need of each client.

Each new client undergoes a thorough assessment to determine his/her current level of fitness, health history, and goals.

MD/PT Collaboration
Depending on medical issues identified during the assessment, the client's physician and/or physical therapist may be contacted prior to beginning the program.

Strength Training
Recent studies have shown that a moderate amount of resistance training is essential for achieving gains in weight loss, increased bone density, and lean body mass improvement.

Flexibility Training
A limber spine and flexible joints are key to maintaining independence as one ages. Techniques from Yoga, Tai Chi, and other modalities are utilized as appropriate to a given client's needs.

Cardio-vascular exercise helps our body to keep oxygen flowing to all our cells. We use a variety of sports such as paced walking, swimming, cycling, dancing, etc. to condition the heart and lungs.

Healthy Eating
We are neither nutritionists nor dieticians. However, because good eating habits are essential to achieving and maintaining well-being, we will review the client's diet and make suggestions for improvement based on well-established guidelines. In certain circumstances, we may suggest the involvement of a licensed dietician.

Exercise should be fun, and we make every effort to design our programs around activities that clients enjoy.





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