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Personal Stories

Each of our clients is unique. Regardless of age or life circumstance, everyone needs some direction to maintain good health and fitness. At SilverFox Fitness, we listen carefully to each client's story and design a fitness regimen tailored to address their individual needs and goals.

Our clients benefit in many ways from participating in SilverFox Fitness programs:

  • Maria, at 58, was laid off from her job after 25 years of service. Gradually, she began to gain weight. She lost interest in playing her favorite sport, tennis, and stayed at home watching TV instead. When she came to SilverFox Finess, we designed a series of exercises built around her love of tennis to get her back in shape.

  • Helen is 94 years old. When she was referred to us by a visiting nurse agency two years ago, Helen had stopped socializing at her assisted living community due to depression. As we worked with her in the apartment, she gradually regained her former zest for life and began attending parties in the community room.

  • Daniel, 65,  has severe arthritis in his ankle joints. Walking is a painful chore, and he had given up on exercise before a client recommended SilverFox Fitness. We showed Daniel how to cope with his arthritis while using upper body exercises to maintain his stamina and improve his strength.

  • At a young age, Peter was diagnosed with cancer. The chemotherapy treatments robbed him of his youthful vigor. Once stabilized, he turned to us for reconditioning. Working with Peter in his home and at his high school field, we showed him exercise techniques that helped him accelerate his recovery and rekindle his former love for sports.





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